External Battery

In addition to the battery that comes together with the tablet PC, an RSWA is equipped with the second external battery. This additional battery pack provides power for the DSP board and simultaneously charges and powers the tablet PC.

RSWA can be equipped with one of the following battery types (see Figure 6):

  • PowerPad 80 (shipped with older units)
  • Universal battery (shipped with newer units)
Figure 6. External batteries

PowerPad 80

This external battery uses a comprehensive fuel gauge system to indicate its state of charge. The fuel gauge, which consists of 3 green lights, 1 yellow light and 1 red light, will normally be lit and will turn off automatically when the battery is not in use.

Under abnormal operating conditions, such as extreme temperatures, the battery will not charge or discharge. Under these conditions the light panel will indicate 1 red light and 1 green light.

While the battery is charging, the fuel gauge lights will blink every 7 seconds until the battery is fully charged, at which time the fuel gauge lights will remain lit. The lights that are “ON” will indicate the state of charge at that time.

While the fuel gauge provides a relatively accurate state of charge during discharge, it more accurately shows the true state of charge when idle. It is therefore normal for the battery to alter its state of charge after it has been idle for more than an hour.

Note: When not in use for a month or more, fully charge the battery prior to storing.

Figure 7. PowerPad 80 fuel gage

Universal Battery

The universal battery has a DC out voltage switch at the back (Figure 8).

Note: This switch must be set to the 16V position (knob toward the center of the battery).

The power meter is activated by pressing the Test button. The number of LED lights indicates the power level of the battery pack.

Figure 8. Universal battery DC out voltage switch (left) and power meter (right).