Ultrasonic Probe

The probe consists of a multiple coax cable and an ultrasonic transducer. This is the most critical part of an RSWA. A malfunctioning or damaged probe may not provide accurate measurements. Figure 2 shows the major parts of the probe.

Figure 2. Parts of RSWA transducer


The front face of the transducer is very fragile. Check that there is no dust, grease, or any other foreign particles between the front face of the probe and the delay line before mounting the delay. The delay and the coupler are the only replaceable parts on the probe. Please do not try to disassemble the protective case, take out the matrix transducer, or detach the cable from the protective case as this will damage the probe beyond repair.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Clean the front face and the thread of the transducer. If possible, use isopropyl alcohol, dry using an air jet
  • Clean the face of the delay which will be in contact with the front face of the transducer and the collar using the same technique, dry with an air jet
  • For operation, a very thin layer of a standard ultrasonic gel should be applied between the transducer front face and the delay to provide sufficient acoustical contact
  • Make sure the gel is clean and there are no air bubbles in it
  • During storage or transportation, the front face of the transducer must be protected with the delay or with a protection cap
  • When storing the transducer for long periods of time (longer than a month), make sure there is no gel left on the surface of the transducer
  • Under normal operating conditions, the gel layer should be replaced each month; In a warm and dry environment the gel should be replaced more often

Warning: Ensure the delay line is face up before attaching the coupler