Charger/AC Adapter

The universal AC adapter transforms power line voltage into DC voltage which is used for charging the external battery and/or simultaneous operation of the RSWA.

An input range 100–240 V at frequencies 50–60 Hz makes it possible to use the adapter in most countries around the world. It is strongly recommended to use the supplied power cord, as its plug determines the type of suitable power line.

Note: Keep AC adapter clean and away from spilled liquids and shocks. If there is any type of visible damage to the adapter case or power cord, the item should be replaced.

Warning: Tessonics has no responsibility for damage caused by use of unauthorized power adapters or by connecting the power adapter to improper power lines.

Any battery has a limited number of charge/discharge cycles. With this in mind, using the RSWA with the AC adapter plugged in helps to prolong the life of the battery. This method works best when the RSWA is being used in a table-top manner to inspect welds on a smaller part. It also ensures the battery is fully charged and ready for the next inspector.