Getting Started

The Tessonics Resistance Spot Weld Analyzer (RSWA) has been designed and manufactured as a high quality instrument. Under normal working conditions the RSWA will provide long, trouble-free service.

Damage in Transit

Inspect the unit thoroughly and immediately upon receipt, for evidence of external or internal damage that may have occurred during shipment. Immediately notify the carrier making the delivery of any damage, since the carrier is usually liable for damage in shipment. Preserve packing materials, waybills, and other shipping documentation in order to claim any damages. After notifying the carrier, contact Tessonics to receive assistance in the damage claims, and provide replacement equipment, if necessary. Please note that your shipping container is re-usable and may be used in the future when returning the unit for recalibration or repair.

Setting Up

Check the list of supplied items. Verify that you have received all items listed on the RSWA Packing List. If anything is missing, please contact Tessonics Sales and Service office.

Connect the A/C adapter to the device and charge the batteries for at least 4 hours before using it for the first time.

Other Manuals

This manual covers hardware components of the RSWA. To obtain software manuals, navigate your web browser to the following location: