Remote Control

A remote is supplied with the unit and allows for operation of the device wirelessly. Once the software has been initialized, the remote allows the operator to perform common tasks including probe setup and getting images. When not in use, the remote is stored in a specialized holder on the back on the device.

Figure 9. RSWA remote control


The pairing procedure will set up the receiver to be controlled by a specific remote. In the environment with multiple RSWA units and remotes, this allows the user to choose specifically which remote controls which RSWA.

To pair the remote control with the receiver:

  • Make sure the receiver is plugged into the RSWA and that RSWA is running
  • Bring the remote within a few inches from the receiver located above the screen, push and hold any button on the remote for 5 seconds. The LED on the remote will flash rapidly during the pairing procedure;
  • Release the button and test the remote with RSWA applications.

If you need to pair a remote to a different RSWA, remove the battery from the remote for about 1 minute. This will reset it to the original unpaired state. Then put the battery back and repeat the pairing procedure with the different receiver.

Button Assignments

Figure 10. Remote control buttons




Perform Setup procedure


Get RSWA measurement


Increase/decrease the diameter of the circle


Make a decision on weld quality


Move to next weld or unit


Exit from menu or dialog


Confi rm selection in menus and dialogs


Up and down cursor keys; in Array Explorer’s main window: Navigate up and down in the weld list view


Left and right cursor keys; in Array Explorer’s main window: Navigate left and right in recent measurements


Opens drop down menu in A-scan view (May be changed in future software releases)


Toggles between front and back cells in weld list view (May be changed in future software releases)


Toggles between automatic and manual circle measurements (May be changed in future software releases)

Replacing the Battery

This remote needs a battery to operate. Replace the battery when needed with CR2025 battery.

Figure 11. Replacing the battery

To replace the battery:

  • Pull the battery compartment out and remove the old battery
  • Insert the replacement battery with the positive side facing up
  • Close the battery compartment
  • If necessary, perporm the pairing procedure